The guide

I'm Fábio Moreira owner of Algarve Wine Tours, an individual company of touristic activities most related with wine.
I'm a wine lover and I worked before in a wine producer farm, where  realized jobs like: direct assistance to the producer in maintenance and production tasks; maintenance and treatment of the vineyard, pruning and harvesting; filling, labeling and packaging; or also product distribution to customers.
Working directly with the producer, I learned a lot about wines and wine production from the vineyard to the bottle, but I also increased my knowledge studying by myself, training with experts, regularly going to conferences and professional events and doing farm visits and wine tastings.
I have a degree in Communication Sciences and Journalism. I already worked as journalist, in communication and marketing departments, and also worked as recepcionist and hotel entertainer.

This company is a combination of the passion for the wine with the passion of acquiring, organizing and disseminate information well explained and and well-founded.

In my visits you can expect a professional well prepared with lots of information about wines but, complimentarily, also about our region and country, our history and actuality. You can also expect a friendly person who loves to have a good conversation.

It will be a pleasure for me to guide you trough the world of portuguese and algarvian wines and show you a bit of portuguese culture.


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