Wines, gastronomy, history, traditions and nature in intimate and exclusive tours

Wine and gastronomic tours guided by wine expert in the Demarcated Region of the Algarve, their cultivation areas and wineries. In beautiful scenarios we will explain everything about wine production.


You will learn about all the cycle in a wine farm: from the vineyard - going there to explain what happens during all the year; to the bottle - visiting the facilities and understanding all the process of winemaking. At the end, you will have a general overview of the complexity of making wine, what are the steps involved and the factors that contribute to different wines.


Finally, we will consolidate the knowledge acquired enjoying guided wine tastings, using the correct techniques and understanding the essential concepts involved in wine tasting. While degustating the wines is the perfect time to  discover more about each property and the wine industry, as well as the history of wine in Portugal and particularly in Algarve, that crosses and mixes with the history of the country and of this region.

Once you know the wines, in the tours with lunch or dinner you can also get to know some of our gastronomic specialities and something of the treasures of the region: The beauty of the mountains, its gastronomy and traditions like the typical distilleries of “Medronho”; the hystorical town of Silves (ancient capital during the Muslim occupation); the bucolic enchantment of having a farmer's lunch outside in a wine property; the heritage of canned fish in Arade River, that together with fishing activities were a pilar of the economy, finishing with lunch on the river bank to taste that influence on the gastronomy.


Also not to miss, the wine tours to the incredible demarcated wine region of Alentejo, located north of the Algarve,  already considered the best wine region in the world to visit and the wonders of its rural gastronomy.


Algarve Wine Tours

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